Jesus loves you


A long time ago

I was in a trouble

I was the only responsible 

  And I didn’t have anywhere to go

I believe in the bible

So it’s was a miracle

God saved me

He’s my life

I turned around

In the town

To find a solution

But I found none

I know the bible says

Don’t make a sound

God will fight for you

You don’t have to pay

   God is my life

   Without god

I can’t do anything

You can't do anything
We can't do anything

Because he's our life

Nobody can’t save us

   Only God

You're driving me crazy


 since the day

       I met you

       I look crazy for you

       Since this day

       You're always on my mind

Baby, sincerely

         I can't tell you

         How much I love you

        You're as pretty as ever

         Your eyes glow

         Like rainbow

         Your skin is tender

         Like Jell-o

         At least, you look

         Like an angel

         I want to make you smile

         I want to see you forever in my life

         I want to make you sweet every night

      I promise you that

         I'll make you very happy

                   I LOVE YOU





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Honey I love you

I love you so much

I even gave my heart to you

I love you so much

I always think of you

If you die my life is done

I love you so much

When you are not around me

It feels like a disaster

I love you so much

Even If I dyed my heart will still be a live for you

Loving, loving you for ever 



              PLEASE ACCEPT MY LOVE!


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All the time I’ll been thinking about you
And also be hearing your voice
All day and every second
I can’t stop talking about you
Your look
Your eyes
The sexy body that you have
Baby the way I think of you
I think that you're always by my side
Every time
When I knock you open for me
    I never been in the dark      
      Because you’re always next to me


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Baby I love you

Tell me what I should do

     Tell me how much poem I should write for you

So you could accept the love I have for you

All the things I've done just for your love

At all time when I look at you

I love you more It feels like you’re my Angel

Your lips

are sweet

Your face


Your body

Is sexy

Your skin

Is soft

Only look into my eyes and feel how much I love you





Forgive me, please

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Baby, tell me

How can I sleep without you?

 Tell me what I can do without you

 You’re my life’s reason

I wanna be close to you

Every second

My way is with you

Don’t leave me alone

Baby, Please apologize me

It’s worth the trouble

I know that

I put you in a pain

But I promise you that

It ‘ll never happen again

We’re made for each other

We’re made to be together

Broke up of you it’s a slander

I’ll try to be stronger

For our love could be better

You’re the only one prettiest girl

That I’ve seen in this world

        Got you

        Marry to you

        Be close to you

That I’ve always dream

Please, forgive me


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Sometimes I cry

Like the rain from the sky

I was shy

To say you that


With you everything’s going fine

You make me smile

I want to see you forever in my sight

I want to make you sweet at night    

  I would fight

    For your love 

O Valentine would you be mine?





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Haiti is a beautiful country

The story of it

Is a mistery

Somebody, tell me

That, they're sorry

they feel lousy

they're unhappy

Because they from Haiti

But me

I'm very happy

Because I from Haiti

In my idea

The Haiti's society

needs merely





I think if our society

got them

So we could dream

A good life in Haiti


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Friends are people who are very special to you,

They play with you and help you

When trouble is near.

Friends are people who can wash your tears away

They love and care for you,

They help you get over your worst fear.

Friends are the best,

They are special to you.

Even if you live out west,

                                They will always write to you


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 Honey, I write this poem

 Specially, cause I'm in a pain

 You left me in the dark

 But no matter what you do

 You'll always be in my heart

 Because I love you

 Sorry for the wrong things I've done

 You said me I lie

 When I have say you If you die

 My life is done

 I was in a predicament

 When you told me

That you have got a boyfriend

 Now, you broke up with him

 So, what you're going to do with me

 Baby, Give me a chance

  Just to prove

 How much I love you


See full size imageI thought he was someone I could trust,
But it turned out he was just in it for the lust.
He left me without an apology;
Again the roses died.
I felt special when you held me,
But that was not meant to be.
Again the roses died.
On my wedding day, you went far away,
And you didn't tell me where you were going.
I was ashamed I was going to take your name;
Again the roses died.



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                             Each time I think

                                    Every time I feel

                                    You are with me

                                    While I see you again after months

                                    I tell you I love you

                                    You say I lie

                                    While our love are the same

                                     And you do not accept that I am your lover

                                     So what should I do

                                      This desert

                                      Only you

                                      Can deliver me

                                      Save me

                                      In this territory


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I remember long time ago   

I was in pain for you

My friends don’t give me respect

My parents give up on me

Because I loved you

When we used to go out

You said

That You loved me


You lied

You didn’t have any love for me

You let me go on my own way

Now nobody take care of me

I’m in a predicament